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Post here when applying for your character! It'll be easier for me that way to keep track of who's appying for what, and there is an updated list of the character on the info page. THANX A BUNCH!!!!
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First Post ----> contains information on RPG

Welcome. This is a Harry Potter 5th year RPG. But here we're not going to go with the books. I feel that you shouldn't have to have read the books inorder to do an RPG of Harry Potter. So this is how it's going to be, I'll have a list of all the characters that will be open for you all to choose from and a small bio on how you want your character - just the little basics, name, age, year, house, ect... So yes, I don't know what else to say about this right now, this is my first time running an RPG so if anyone wants to help me and ISN'T in charge of one already (just givingother people like me a chance to have a hand in something like this) I'm gonna take on I think two other people to help with everythign. So, that's it for now - I'm not too sure when the whole RP will start but after we get a certain amount of members more that likely and I know for sure that it will start at the sorting feats! Hope to have lots of you out there join! Thanx!!

Here are the characters that are up for grabs, I will update this every so often to keep you all up to date!

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